Time registration by calling in

Registering working time is as simple as calling in and punching in an individual pin.

Work time registration with any phone

Costs for calls can be allocated to the employer, meaning that they are completely free for the employee

Begin’s call-in feature is a great choice for companies, which have mobile workforce but no or a limited number of smartphones with the Internet.

Call-in service allows employees to register both their work time and the project, they are working on.

This service works from any phone, including landlines.

Phone call
Worker with APP


Be a step ahead of your competition

  • Improve workplace discipline
  • Save money with precise work time tracking
  • Real-time overview of active employees
  • Get rid of the senseless paper-based scheduling and registration
  • Enjoy the benefits of fully automatic work time tracking
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Who is it for?

Cleaning/sanitation, service, catering , construction

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