An easy solution for managing office employee time

Provide your staff with an easy and convenient way to manage working time, including projects and actual activities.

Just use your current workstations for time registration and management

No need for installing additional software, just use your Internet browser

Begin employee self-service portal is a convenient place for work time registration in departments, where employees have access to computers, tablets etc.

You can decide, which employees are going to have access to the self-service and which - not.

Authentication is as easy as entering a username and a password. Self-service portal is web-based and has an incredibly intuitive interface.

Employee using computer
Employee with APP


Be a step ahead of your competition

  • Improve workplace discipline
  • Save money with precise work time tracking
  • Real-time overview of active employees
  • Get rid of the senseless paper-based scheduling and registration
  • Enjoy the benefits of fully automatic work time tracking
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Who is it for?

Companies, which track employee time spent on projects and use it as a base for invoicing their customers.

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